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Bobcat E35 Attachments - Buyers Guide

Bobcat E35 Attachments - Buyers Guide

The Bobcat E35 is Bobcat's most popular mini excavator in the 3-ton class. One of the advantages of the E35 is that it comes standard with auxiliary hydraulics. This means you can power additional attachments to get all sorts of tasks done with your mini excavator.

Have look at some of the excavator attachments we recommend for the Bobcat E35.

Bobcat E35 Attachment Recommendations

Bobcat E35 Brush Cutter

When trying to match a brush cutter with any mini excavator, you want to consider the weight of the cutter, hydraulic flow requirements, and overall design of the brush cutter.

Bobcat e35 with brush cutter attachment

Taking everything into consideration, the best brush cutter for the Bobcat E35 is Blue Diamond's 42" Heavy Duty Mini Excavator Brush Cutter for the following reasons:

  • The brush cutter weighs about 660 pounds making it safe to use extended from the cab even on uneven terrain.
  • The hydraulic flow rate required is 13 to 24 gallons per minute, perfectly within the range of the E35's capabilities.
  • Blue Diamond produces the Bobcat X-Change mount for the Bobcat E35.

Most E35 customers use brush cutters at job sites in urban settings rather than for forestry-related projects. The closed front design on the Heavy Duty brush cutter helps to keep flying debris down and produces a nicer finish, perfect for the urban setting.

Blue Diamond's heavy-duty mini excavator brush cutter comes with a heavily reinforced 1/4" thick deck. Because the mini excavator mount is on top of the brush cutter, a sturdy deck design helps prevent damage should you accidentally slam the brush cutter down or tip it.

Bobcat E35 Hydraulic Hammer

bobcat excavator with concrete breaker

We recommend the HB210 hydraulic hammer by Blue Diamond for customers with the Bobcat E35. The HB210 is suitable for all models of E35 and is recommended for mini excavators between 6,600 to 9,900 pounds.

The HB210 weighs 470 pounds and has an energy class of 500. It comes with the hydraulic hoses and couplers needed to operate, as well as the chisel.

Interestingly, Blue Diamond has designed their hydraulic breaker as a "self-regulated monoblock design," which eliminates the need for regassing.

Bobcat E35 Log Splitter

Log splitter with Bobcat X-Changer excavator mount

One of the best log splitters on the market is the TM Warrior. This is normally sold as a skid steer attachment. However, we are now able to offer it to our mini excavator customers.

The TM Warrior for the Bobcat E35 will have an excavator mounting plate welded to the top of the beam. You can then use the attachment to pick up and split logs hydraulically.

The Warrior log splitter can be changed between single and four-way wedges and comes with a hydraulic cylinder with a 4" bore. With the E35's 3,000 pounds of hydraulic PSI, you can expect about 25 tonnes of splitting force and a fast-acting cylinder.

The TM warrior weighs around 700 pounds, and even loaded with a log, the attachment will be well within the E35's maximum lifting weight.

Bobcat E35 Auger

bobcat mini excavator with auger attachment

Mini excavator augers are typically lightweight, and the most important factor to consider is the hydraulic flow rate required. Most mini excavator customers will want a 2" hex drive, as auger bits are easy to find with this size.

Blue Diamond's "EX2" Extreme Duty Series 2 Auger with a 2" hex is a great auger for the Bobcat E35. The "EX2" requires 12 to 16 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow and has a planetary drive.

Plate Compactor

An excavator plate compactor is an attachment that enhances the capability of an excavator. It consists of a flat plate that is attached to the excavator's arm and driven by its hydraulic power.

The compactor is designed to compact soil, gravel, and other materials in a large area efficiently and effectively. Excavator plate compactors are often used in construction, landscaping, and other projects where soil compaction is required before laying a foundation or building a road.

They come in different sizes and can be customized to suit the specific needs of a project. Excavator plate compactors are durable, long-lasting, and can improve the speed and quality of construction and landscaping projects by providing quick and efficient compaction.

Bobcat E35 Attachment Mounts

The Bobcat E35 comes standard with a mechanical Quick-Tach attachment system, and some will have the option for a hydraulic Quick-Tach attachment system. This is often called the "Bobcat X-Change" Mount."

Regarding excavator attachments, it makes no difference if you have the mechanical or hydraulic X-change mount. The difference is only in how the locking pins operate.

Bobcat e35 mounting bracket

The Bobcat X-Change mount needs to be added to any attachment you purchase because mini excavator attachments are not universal between brands and models. This can be selected on any of our mini excavator product pages; alternatively, you can always call us if you need clarification on what mount you need.

Bobcat E35 Details and Specifications

The Bobcat E35 is manufactured in several different variants. New owners can choose between the 25 or 33-horsepower models, with a standard, extendable or long arm.

Operational Weight

Based on the model chosen, the operating weight can be from 7,700 pounds for the 25-horsepower standard arm model to 8,600 pounds for the 33-horsepower long arm model. Each model will have zero or minimal tail swing, allowing work in tight spaces. Learn more about excavator weights [here].

Bobcat e35Z

Auxillary Hydraulics

A great feature of the Bobcat E35 is that each model comes standard with auxiliary hydraulics. All models will have 16.9 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow available at under 3,000 PSI. The E35 comes standard with selectable auxiliary hydraulic flow allowing the operator to adapt to different attachments.

The auxiliary hydraulic flow rate and PSI combined create just over 29hp in hydraulic force. This, combined with a high operating weight and zero tail swing, make the E35 a strong candidate for use with brush cutters, augers, and log splitters.

Travel Speed

Additionally, Bobcat mini excavators have a high travel speed compared to many other brands of mini excavators. The E35 can travel at a blistering 2.9mph, making it ideal for use with attachments that require moving around job sites frequently.

Lifting Capacity

Heavy attachments are often used while extended out from the body of the mini excavator, so particular attention should be paid to the max tipping load. Additionally, with a zero-tail swing mini excavator such as the E35, you will likely be positioned against an obstacle with the arm extended over the side. This configuration lowers the maximum lifting weight of the mini excavator, as it does not have the full length of the tracks to help stabilize the machine.

The maximum lift capacity over the side of the tracks with the arm fully extended on the E35 is approximately 1,400 pounds on the 25 Horsepower model. This increases slightly on the 33-horsepower model.

If you have any questions about any excavator attachments, please feel free to call us at 866-990-7543. If you would like to view all our attachments that would fit on a Bobcat E35 click here.

Written by Cohen Meyer
Cohen Meyer is a product researcher and content contributor for Skid Steers Direct. Cohen has spent over 12,000 hours operating skid steers, telehandlers, excavators and tractors. He is a former business owner, certified welder and a self proclaimed tech geek.

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