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Montana Breaker

Montana Concrete Breakers

If you're looking for a hydraulic breaker, you are sure to come across the Montana brand. With two locations in the United States, Montana has earned a reputation as one of America’s highest quality hydraulic breaker manufacturers.

Thoughtfully Engineered Hydraulic Breakers

Earning a reputation for high quality doesn’t just happen on its own. Montana accomplished this by producing a hydraulic breaker that customers love.
Each Montana breaker is designed with “Dry Fire Protection,” which inhibits the operator from being able to operate the hammer when it’s not in contact with the material it’s breaking; a situation that can damage a hydraulic hammer.
Montana also adds steel gussets to the housing of their breakers, adding to the strength and rigidity of the breaker unit. This small detail adds to the service life of each breaker.

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A Quiet Breaker So You Can Concentrate

Each component in a Montana breaker is engineered with noise in mind. By paying attention to these details, Montana has created one of the quietest hydraulic breakers on the market. The benefit is a more focused and attentive operator.

Lowest Recoil Breaker

When breaking concrete, you want all of the force directed down onto the work area. When the hydraulic breaker has a strong recoil, it pops the host machine up on each blow, which is hard on equipment and a waste of energy.
Montana has designed their hydraulic breakers with an internal vibration absorber, which helps prevent any recoil movement from reaching the host machine. This increases safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Finance Your Montana Hydraulic Breaker Attachment

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You can <a href="" target="_blank" title="breaker financing" rel="noopener"><span>apply for financing here</span></a>. Give us a call today to discuss Montana Breakers.

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