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Demo Dozer

Demo Dozer is arguably the toughest grapple bucket on the market today. This patented grapple will save you time and money on the job site with the plethora of attachments it replaces. This easy-to-use grapple replaces the Material Bucket, Dozer, Demolition Grapple, Clam Shell Bucket, Log Handler, 4-N-1 Bucket, Lift Hook, Trailer Mover, and you get the point. Not only does it save you money by buying one attachment instead of the list above, but we also have customers using the same Demo Dozer bucket for the past 17 years!

The Demo Dozer bucket is fabricated in the USA with only the finest components, steel, and fabrication technics. The hydraulic cylinders are even sourced from the USA and are pressure tested to 3,000 PSI before shipping. If you have any questions on whether the Demo Dozer is right for you, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.