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Can We Help You Find The Right Skid Steer Attachment?


Feeling overwhelmed by he amount of Skid Steer Attachments we have to offer? Let us help find what you are looking for. 

Let's start by giving you a short introduction to some of our favourite Skid Steer Attachment Brands.

Star Industries


Started in 1981 by Ben Hughes, Star Industries has been building innovative attachments for 40 years. In fact, many of the forklift attachments on the market today were originated by Ben Hughes!

Star Industries is now the leader in heavy machinery attachments for building and construction. They specialize in Skid Steer, Mini skid Steer, Forklift, Telehandler and Crane Attachments, all made right in Texas. 

Star Industries is our best selling brand. Their most popular product is the “Fork Mounted Jib Boom" model 1360B.

What do we like about Star?

  • Incredible Customer Care
  • Accurate & Honest Lead times.
  • Highly Respected Brand.

Berlon Industries

Berlon industries snowier


Berlon manufactures attachments for Skid Steers, Mini skid Steers, Tractors and Telehandlers. Their attachments are innovative and tough.


Two of our favourite Attachments are the Snowgrr and Mini Forestry Claw. 

Our best selling Berlon product has recently been the “7 foot Snow Blade” model “SBLD-7”.

What do we like about Berlon?

  • Their customers are fiercely loyal to them.
  • Their staff are knowledgeable and responsive.
  • Their attachments are superior in workmanship

Haugen Enterprises

Haugen Attachments

Haugen Attachments is our top selling brand for Telehandler Attachments. Telehandler operators ask for Haugen by name, and won’t settle for less.

Our best selling Haugen Telehandler Attachment is the “Fork Mounted Adjustable Spreader Bar With Top Hooks” Model MASPRX 812

However, one of the most searched for items in our store is Haugen’s “Dakota Post Driver” model PD-1850. The Dakota Driver is often kept in stock, customers love the dependability, great price and quick shipping. 

What do we like about Haugen?

  • Attachments are often in stock (No lead time!)
  • Telehandler Attachments are in high demand
  • Staff are very knowledgable and helpful

EZG Manufacturing 

mud hog mobile ezg manufacturing

EZG Manufacturing has a very innovative line of Skid Steer fence dispensers, and have become the industry leader in their market. It’s not possible to find a comparable product to the Fence Hog for the Skid Steer or Mini Skid Steer.   

Customers tell us that the Fence Hog paired with a Mud Hog has allowed them to complete jobs in half the time. That’s just the type of Attachment we love!

Needless to say, our best selling product is the “Fence Hog Fence Installer” model FH08-36-CLS

What do we like about EZG Manufacturing?

  • Their product’s add unmatched efficiency to jobs.
  • High amount of post purchase positive testimonials.
  • Very obvious leader in Fence Dispenser market.

    Skeer System

    Skeer system

    This means you're not going to find hundreds of products built by Skeer, far from it. In fact, we only have 6 products to show you. These products are all the most advanced levellers and graders on the market.

     With the option of laser levelling and GPS/GNSS guidance, Skeer is changing how the industry uses Skid Steers. What they have created is truly impressive, and so is the amount of demand for them. 

    Our best selling Skeer product is the Skeer Pro Plus OS.

    What do we like about Skeer System?

    - They are focused on being the best in levelling and grading.

    - They are YEARS ahead of the competition 

    - They earn life long customers.

    You can rest easy after your purchase! All of our brands represent the best quality in the Skid Steer Attachment market. We won’t invest our money in a product we don’t believe in, and neither should you.

    Should you need any help selecting the right Skid Steer Attachment for you, CONTACT US TODAY!

    Written by Cohen Meyer
    Cohen Meyer is a product researcher and content contributor for Skid Steers Direct.

 Cohen has spent over 12,000 hours operating skid steers, telehandlers, excavators and tractors. He is a former business owner, certified welder and a self proclaimed tech geek.

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