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Best Skid Steer Tree Puller

What is a Skid Steer Tree Puller?

Tree Pullers are attachments that allow small trees to be pulled out without cutting them off. It makes removing small trees effortless. 

More perks of having a tree puller –

  • Eliminating the root system to lessen the possibility of regrowth.
  • Allowing the driver to remove all objects faster.
  • Letting you pick and choose which plants to pull.

Tree pullers are significant attachments, especially to farmers, forestry professionals, fencer contractors, and more. It is versatile; aside from removing trees without the need for different tools, it can take care of a range of other tree and fence-related jobs. 

With the wide availability of Tree Puller attachments online, it could be challenging to know which is the right attachment for you. We did the hard part and collected only the best for you so that you can choose according to your preference. These four attachments are the best Tree Puller attachments this 2021 from the manufacturers we have trusted over the years. This list is in no particular order.

Tree Shear | Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond® Attachments has established a good reputation in the attachment industry in America and worldwide. It has been offering trusted and reliable attachments since 1995, and Tree Pullers are one of them. 

This Tree Shear for your skid steers can cut trees up to 12” in diameter with no problem. It comes with a powerful 5” x 12” cylinder that produces 29 tons of force at 2500 PSI. The shear will rotate 90 degrees by simply pulling a pin, which is excellent for cutting limbs or fallen trees. This tree shear is designed to get the job done every time efficiently.


  • It cuts up to 12 inches
  • 5 x 12 inches Cylinder
  • With 29 tons of cutting force at 2500 PSI
  • The cutting head can rotate 90 degrees
  • 1-inch thick T1 steel cutting edge and construction
  • Excellent visibility

Tree Puller | Blue Diamond

Another attachment from Blue Diamond. This is an excellent tool for removing small trees and shrubs when the roots need to be pulled out.

It has four rows of serrated teeth lock onto the base of the tree to pull roots all the way from the ground, then shake the dirt off of the roots and bring to wherever you want to set the removed tree or shrub. You have the option to choose either a Standard or Heavy Duty. 


  • Enclosed Cylinder
  • Heavily gusseted quick attach
  • Heavy bushings and pins on all pivot points
  • Heavy Duty Weighs 415 lbs
  • Standard Duty 285 lbs
  • It opens to up to 11"
  • Hoses and couplers included 
  • 1-year warranty

Tree Puller | Berlon Industries

Berlon Industries is a manufacturer of extremely durable buckets and attachments for skid steers, compact utility tractors, tractor loaders, wheel loaders, and telehandlers.

This Tree Puller is designed for pulling out shrubs, small trees, and bushes at the same time for removing fence posts. The jaws can accommodate up to 8.5” in diameter and a length of 19". It is manufactured in the USA with superior quality. 


  • Hose & couplers and hose included
  • Jaws can accommodate up to 8.5” diameter
  • Recommended operating pressure 2,200/PSI, 1-1/2” cylinder rod, and aggressive tooth
  • Jaw length 19”

Tree Shear | Haugen Attachments

From small jobs to tough jobs, Haugen has been offering different attachments since 1994. It manufactures over 50 skid-steer attachments from brooms, buckets, grapples, tillers, pallet forks, and of course, Tree Shears.

This Tree Shear is meant to shear trees up to 12 inches in diameter. This attachment is available either for Manual or Hydraulic rotation. This tree shear is easy to use, and it can trim and cut limbs with precision.


  • 5 x 12 inch industrial cylinder
  • With 29 tons of cutting force at 2,500 psi.
  • Two cutting positions
  • 1 inch thick T1 steel construction and a hardened cutting blade.
  • Available in manual or hydraulic positioning
  • Powder coat finish


Each skid steer tree puller comes with different features, aiming to make the driver’s life easier. However, not all features can be found on one model; that is why I offered four of the best Tree Puller attachments for you to check. 

Getting an attachment is not cheap nor easy; you must think about the features you need to get the job done efficiently. Failure to properly check the list of features could end up choosing a tree puller that’s not fit for your need.

If you need advice on getting the right skid steer tree puller, please call us at 866-990-7543.


Written by Cohen Meyer
Cohen Meyer is a product researcher and content contributor for Skid Steers Direct. Cohen has spent over 12,000 hours operating skid steers, telehandlers, excavators and tractors. He is a former business owner, certified welder and a self proclaimed tech geek.

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