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Blue Diamond

Cold Planer Severe Duty | Blue Diamond

Model (See Chart for Specs)

Cold Planer Severe Duty High Flow 

This Severe Duty Cold Planer of Blue Diamond uses only the most trusted parts in the industry, from the Sauer piston motor to the Fairfield planetary hub featured in the high-flow models. The high-end components are combined with the highly engineered designs, making this one of the most trusted units ready for a skid steer attachment.

This involves hydraulic adjustment controls with side shifts. It has a higher drum weight that causes lesser vibration. 


  • Direct Drive
  • High drum weight = less vibration
  • 1 1/2″ thick drum tube
  • Easy access tooth replacement
  • Water kit available
  • Fine-cut drum available
  • Hydraulic adjustment controls
  • Hydraulic side shift


    • Removing asphalt surfaces prior to overlay
    • Widening shoulders
    • Repairing potholes
    • Restoring drainage lines
    • Mixing stabilizing agents into the base for a more durable repair
     Model # of Teeth Weight Cutting Depth Minimum PSI Minimum GPM
    18" High Flow 46 1990lbs up to 8" 2000 24 GPM
    24" High Flow 56 2350lbs up to 8" 2000 27 GPM
    30" High Flow 66 2770lbs up to 8" 2500 30 GPM
    40" High Flow 76 2910lbs up to 8" 3000 30 GPM
    48" High Flow 106 3205lbs up to 8" 3450 30 GPM

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