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How to Make Money with a Skid Steer in 2024?

Steer Your Way into Cash

Everyone is out to discover ways to work for money, but sometimes it's better to play smart than to work hard. Why exhaust your energy with manual labor when you can use the assistance of a skid steer?

Our labor is generally limited since our bodies get exhausted. However, skid steers can increase productivity when it comes to tasks related to gardening, road projects, construction, and landscaping.

To learn more about a unique way on how to earn money through the use of a convenient skid steer, continue reading. This article will include the benefits of owning a skid steer, tasks skid steers will allow you to do, and its maintenance.

Benefits of Owning a Skid Steer

According to BigRentz, skid steers are defined as a light, maneuverable piece of equipment. It bears “arms” that can attach to various tools and attachments.

Skid steers are generally used for digging. Because of this, they are acknowledged as a versatile machine for both agricultural and construction purposes.


    Skid steers have an endless number of available attachments that contribute to its various uses. Backhoes, rippers, snow blowers, trenchers, brush cutters, and metal forks are a few examples of attachments.

    Weight and Size

      Since it is more compact in size compared to other construction vehicles, skid steers typically have an easier time navigating through narrow streets. They could also be easily towed from site to site since they aren't too weighty.

      Control and Visibility

        Skid steers can be easily operated by inexperienced drivers. Users often compare the machine’s controls to joysticks. It also provides great visibility to the driver due to its smaller size.

        What is a Skid Steer Used For?

        Certain ways to earn money with a skid steer are:


        Since skid steers are primarily recognized as a type of construction vehicle, it would be ideal to rent for small building projects like a home remodeling project.

        They can also be used for earth work and ground prep of a construction site.

        Its compact size allows the demolishing of concrete, drywall, and flooring even when the house is surrounded by other homes and structures.


        Making a smooth road, unfortunately, doesn’t involve a smooth process. There are various steps to it, and luckily the skid steer can be of enormous help. Aside from paving, it can also demolish, grade, and patch the road.

        Agricultural Work

          Managing a farm requires a lot of responsibility, time, and physical labor. Utilizing a skid steer can help turn complicated tasks into simple ones, resulting in saved time and money.

          Moving heavy hay bales from place to place can be a challenging task. Not only does the hay cause a mess, but it can also lead to allergens being scattered over a large area. A skid steer with a bale attachment can help lessen these issues.

          With a skid steer, you can till soil, move feed and hay, and clean out stables and barns. 


            Since landscaping and agriculture are relatively similar, you can be assured that a skid steer will come in handy as well. Scattered debris, such as fallen leaves and trash, are a pain to sweep manually. Through the use of a rotary broom attachment, they are efficiently cleared.

            Other attachments like brush cutters and tree shears make tending to hedges simpler. Skid steers are also capable of mowing the grass, planting trees, and making fences.


            You may have heard of having to check on your car’s maintenance every once in a while, and construction vehicles are no different. 

            To ensure you are earning more money than you invest, you must provide regular care to your investment. Through frequent check-ups, you can ensure quality performance with your skid steer. After all, a faulty part with the machine could cause a negative domino effect.


              Experts advise skid steer owners to check up on their machines daily, especially when you are about to use it. As stated by The Evolution Wheel, you should routinely check the tires as they are the most vulnerable part of the machine.

              Typical work sites make tires more vulnerable to tire issues. Be on the lookout for inflation, damage, and wear. Dealing with frequent flat tires can be costly.

              To avoid this, you can purchase solid Bobcat tires. Though they may be costly, they are cost-effective considering its exceptional quality. Solid Bobcat tires lessen the chances of a punctured tire from occurring.

              You can also opt for foam filling tires which are heavier than the average Bobcat tire. Unfortunately, they are harder to service and replace.

              Lastly, refer to your user’s manual to make sure that each wheel’s nuts are adjusted accordingly.

              Fluid Levels

                The second thing to inspect for is the fluid levels: engine oil, hydraulic oil, radiator fluid, fuel, and coolant levels. This prevents the skid steer from experiencing heat damage and accelerated wear.

                Insufficient fluid levels could be a sign of worn-out seals or loose hoses. Take note of any leaks and use a grease gun when necessary.


                Whenever it is appropriate, you can use a vacuum, pressure washer, and an air compressor to clean the engine and chassis. This will prevent overheating and engine damage.

                How to Find Jobs for your Skid Steer

                We are going to list a few ways to help you find work for your skid steer and the attachments you have:

                1. The way most people start is with classified ads on Craigslist, Kijiji, local Facebook groups, etc. Outline the kind of work you can provide with your skid steer. The more attachments you have the bigger the offerings can be.
                2. Walking up to job sites and offering your skid steer, attachments, and time. We've spoken to a few operators that recommend this route. They say it really helps if you have a business card incase they don't need you right away.
                3. Local paid ads on a community newsletter. This is recommended if you have a few jobs under your belt and are looking to grow.
                4. Have prepared flyers on you at all times. You'd be surprised how much work you can get by leaving flyers on other construction workers vehicles.
                5. Traveling to local towns and signing up to their contractors bid list. This can be very competitive but not to say you won't be aware a job.

                This is just a small list of different ways you can have your skid steer pay for it's self and put some money in your pocket. The more attachments you have and the more experience on those attachments will really make a difference in how many jobs you can pick up. 

                Please leave comments below to let us know how you find jobs for your skid steer.

                Written by Cohen Meyer
                Cohen Meyer is a product researcher and content contributor for Skid Steers Direct.

 Cohen has spent over 12,000 hours operating skid steers, telehandlers, excavators and tractors. He is a former business owner, certified welder and a self proclaimed tech geek.

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