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Choosing a Skid Steer Pallet Fork Frame [2024]

Pallet forks are one of the most adaptable and well-used skid steer attachments. Commonly used in industrial plants, construction sites, landscaping work, and farm chores. Having this attachment for your skid steer will help you save labor costs and time.

All pallet fork frames are not the same. To avoid unnecessary expenses, you must know how to make the right choice in getting the best pallet fork frame according to your needs. Most people find choosing a skid steer pallet fork frame overwhelming and challenging as it requires consideration of many essential aspects.

One of the most integral factors in selecting frame is the capacity of the skid steer. Identify whether you need light-duty, standard-duty, or heavy-duty attachment by knowing your skid steer's load and lift capacity.

Light-duty pallet fork frames are commonly designed for small skid steers and track loaders. Its capacity is around 2,500 lbs, while Standard-duty pallet forks are about 4,000 – 5,000 lbs. These can be used on full-size skid steers. Heavy-duty pallet forks are perfect for large skid steers with a capacity of up to 10,000 lbs.

The rule of thumb is to deduct the weight of the frame and pallet forks from your equipment's capacity to lift loads. If you go above that volume, the skid steer could become unstable, putting the operator in danger and damaging the pallet forks or the equipment.

blue diamond pallet forks unloading a dump trailer

Common Classes Of Skid Steer Pallet Fork Frames

Understanding your pallet fork frames carriage class is critical because it will help you know what pallet forks will work with your frame. There are four common classes of pallet forks and frames: Class 1, 2, 3, and 4. To determine which Class you have, simply measure the distance between the top and bottom carriage bars. 

Class 1 has 13" height with a lifting capacity of below 2,200 lbs

Class 2 has 16" height with a lifting capacity between 2,200 lbs. to 5,500 lbs

Class 3has 20" height with a lifting capacity between 5,500 lbs. to 11,000 lbs

Class 4 has 25" height with a lifting capacity between 11,000 lbs. to 17,600 lbs

Pallet forks must only be paired with frames of the same class. So it is crucial to know your pallet forks and frame. 

For instance, a Class 2 frame cannot be paired with Class 3 forks because the classification identifies the "hangar" or "hook" spacing on the forks and frame. 

Style Of Pallet Fork Frames

Pallet fork frames are built with different features or accessibility that should be considered before buying one.

Walk Through Frames

One of the common styles is the Walk-Through pallet fork frame. This style has a large opening in the back to allow the driver to enter the skid steer quickly. Instead of climbing around or over the fork back frame, simply walk through it. Job safety is well thought out on this very popular set of forks, providing a much safer way to enter and exit your machine. 

Berlon walkthrough pallet forks on a caterpillar

Low Profile Frames

Others also prefer the Low-Profile pallet fork frames to increase forward visibility while using the skid steer. 

Low profile pallet forks on new Holland skid steer

Brick Guards

Pallet fork frames with Brick Guards are also popular. These frames prevent damage to the skid steer if your load tips backward towards the skid steer.

pallet forks with brick guard

Frames With Steps

Others are built with Steps that are usually mounted on each side of the pallet fork frame, which helps the driver quickly get in or out the skid steer. 

Recommended Pallet Fork Frame Manufacturers

If you already have decided to get a pallet fork frame attachment for your skid steer. I have a few manufacturers I can suggest you should consider. These reputable companies manufacture durable, quality pallet fork frames to high specifications and are thoroughly tested.

Berlon Industries

On top of the list that offers top-quality pallet fork frame attachments is Berlon Industries. The company is known for offering premium attachments without a premium price. Providing long-lasting, high-quality attachments not just for skid steers but also for mini skid steers, tractor loaders, compact utility tractors and wheel loaders.. End-users always appreciate the quality and durability of the attachments they offer.

All Berlon pallet forks attachments are made in the USA and are available in load capacity of 2,500 lbs. up to 10,000 lbs., classified as light-duty, standard or heavy-duty. 

Star Industries

Next in line is Star Industries. A manufacturer leading the heavy-duty attachments for the construction industry since 1981. The company is trusted by some of the largest operators and equipment owners in Canada and the USA to enhance productivity, save time, and decrease capital and labor costs. Offering a solid 5-year factory guarantee on nearly every product to assure customers of the great quality attachments they sell. 

Star Industries' skid steer forks and frames will turn your loader into a forklift. 

Haugen Attachments

Last but not least is Haugen Attachments. They manufacture over 50 skid-steer attachments, including pallet fork frames, brooms, skeleton rock buckets, grapples, tillers, tree shears, and more.

From simple jobs to difficult tasks, they have the attachment you'll need. Haugen started in 1994. They prioritize their customers' feedback and give them what they ask for. Haugen Attachments constructs all its fork attachments in the USA using only USA steel and skilled fabricators. 

Bobcat with hydraulic pallet forks


Whichever the above manufacturer you decide to get your pallet fork frame attachment, you are guaranteed to get the most bang for your buck! 

Make sure you’re getting the right set to handle your most common jobs safely, and you’ll get many years of service out of this multi-purpose skid steer attachment.

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Written by Cohen Meyer
Cohen Meyer is a product researcher and content contributor for Skid Steers Direct. Cohen has spent over 12,000 hours operating skid steers, telehandlers, excavators and tractors. He is a former business owner, certified welder and a self proclaimed tech geek.

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