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Broom Attachment For Tractors & Skid Steers

People have been using brooms to clean up their farms, and work sites for years. However, until now, there has not been a good way to attach a broom to a tractor or skid steer.

This blog post will discuss the new broom attachment for skid steers and tractors that is currently available on the market. You will learn about the different types of brooms available and how to choose the right one for their needs. We will also discuss the benefits of using this new attachment and why it is important for farmers and contractors to consider adding one to their tractor or skid steer arsenal.

What is a Tractor Push Broom Attachment?

push broom for skid steers and tractorsA push broom attachment is quite straight forward. If you can imagine a regular push broom you would use to sweep a sidewalk with, it's exactly that, just bigger.

The push broom attachment uses your tractor or skid steer to clean up barns, parks, trails, trailers and even lawns. This can be a handy attachment in winter for snow removal as well.

The push broom attachment doesn't require hydraulic lines, motors, or any other additional accessories. This is one of the simplest and easiest to maintain attachments on the market.


Benefits of Tractor Push Broom Attachments

When compared to a rotary broom, the push broom attachment has many advantages. They are cleaner, safer, easier to use and maintain.

Keeps Dust Down

Not to say that it removes all dust, but when you consider the amount of dirt kicked up by a rotary broom, the push broom is a very clean attachment. This makes it ideal around livestock and inside trailers and hangars.


Doesn't Throw Rocks

If you've ever seen how hard an angle broom can throw a rock, you'd know what we are talking about. With a push broom attachment, there is no need to worry about chipping a windshield when you are sweeping and cleaning out parking lots and construction sites.

No Moving Parts

Removing hydraulic lines and motors from attachments means less maintenance and break downs. In fact, push broom attachments should require little to no ongoing maintenance other than cleaning and inspecting.

Push Brooms Can Mount on Nearly All Tractors and Skid Steers

A push broom attachment comes with a universal skid steer quick attach mount. Many modern tractors come with the same mount, making it a nearly universal attachment.

Push broom attachments can be purchased with mini universal mounts and mini Bobcat mount for customers with mini track loaders as well.

Blue Diamond Attachments even makes a model that can be fork mounted that works well for customers with tractors that don't have a universal skid steer mount. The fork mounted option is perfect for forklifts too.

Choosing a Push Broom Attachment For Your Tractor or Skid Steer

If you have decided that a push broom attachment is right for you, then it's time to decide which one will best suit your needs.

blue diamond push broom


As with almost all tractor and skid steer attachments, one of your first considerations should be the size. Generally, having a push broom attachment that covers your tractor or skid steers wheel base will perform the best.

Blue Diamond attachments manufacturers push broom attachments in 60", 72" and 84" widths, covering nearly all machines.


At the core of every push broom is the bristles. Naturally, this should be an important consideration when you are comparing models.

A quality push broom attachment should have at least 10" high bristles to give you excellent results. Too short of bristles wear out quickly, and have a tendency to be more abrasive.

How the rows of bristles are arranged is important as well. The more rows of bristles, the less likely any dirt is going to be left behind.

For example, Blue Diamond's standard duty push broom attachment has 8 rows of bristles, while the heavy duty model has 11 rows.


In terms of skid steer and tractor attachments, push brooms are one of the lighter pieces of equipment available. Push Broom attachments will weigh between 200 and 500 pounds, which is hardly a factor when using tractors and loaders.

If anything, you may consider buying one that is on the heavier side as it will provide more sweeping action than a light broom.

Push Broom Magnets vs Rotary Broom | The Nail Test

Mini skid steer push broom

Some push broom manufacturers will put heavy duty magnets on the underside of the broom. This genius idea is one of the safest ways to pick up metal debris when cleaning the shop floor. It even makes me wonder why regular push brooms don't all have this feature?

This magnet is much more than just a gimmicky selling feature, it's also a very useful example of how a push broom can keep us safe.

Let's imagine for a minute what happens when a nail on the ground is met with a hydraulic rotary angle broom. The nail is shot forward at dangerous speeds.

Now that same nail when met with a push broom is safely brushed aside to be later discarded (without taking anyones head off). Better yet, a push broom with a built in magnet picks up the nail and retains it so it doesn't get lost in your debris pile.

This is one of the key benefits of the push broom attachment. It's safe to use around animals, in public spaces, and park lots.

Final Thought

So there you have it. We now know why so many customers prefer a push broom attachment over powered rotary brooms.

You also have a few new ideas on what to consider when your are purchasing a push broom attachment. We hope this helped!

If you’re still not convinced, be sure to check out our broom collection page where you can see all the different attachments we offer. Thanks for reading!

Written by Cohen Meyer
Cohen Meyer is a product researcher and content contributor for Skid Steers Direct. Cohen has spent over 12,000 hours operating skid steers, telehandlers, excavators and tractors. He is a former business owner, certified welder and a self proclaimed tech geek.

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