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Skid Steer Mounting Plate

Skid Steer Mounting Plates

Many customers who build or modify their own skid steer attachments will still buy a manufacturer built mounting plate. Mounting plates need to be built precisely and with strong welds to ensure that they will fit and be safe for use.

Additionally, sometimes mounting plates are purchased to make an attachment useable on host machines that don’t have skid steer quick attach couplers.

For example, some of your customers who own telehandlers will purchase mounting plates that will allow their telehandler to use a skid steer quick attach. This makes nearly all modern skid steer attachments on the market compatible with telehandlers.

Read more below to learn more about our skid steer mounting plates. Feel free to give us a call if you need more information!

Telehandler to skid steer universal mount

Being able to use skid steer attachments with your telehandler gives you much more utility with your machine. Not only are skid steer attachments easier to source, they are also typically better priced. Not to mention, if you own a skid steer already, being able to borrow attachments from it just makes sense.

The design of the skid steer universal mount for a telehandler is simple, on the inboard side is your telehandlers coupler, and facing outwards is a skid steer quick attach plate.

These mounts come with manual levers to lock the pins in place on the skid steer quick attach plate.

Because telehandlers, sometimes within the same brand, have different designs of couplers, we will contact you via email after your purchase to confirm the year, make and model of your telehandler.

If there are several design variation for your telehandler, we will send you the engineering drawings so you can confirm the correct set up for your attachment.

Skid Steer Mounting Plate Options

Skid Steer mounting plates are available to suit nearly any application. 

We can accommodate many non universal mounting plates found on the market, such as Gehl 4525 through 6625 models.

Mounting plates can be purchased with backing plates, or without backing plates to save weight as well.

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